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About Us

Narrow Focus. Broad Perspective.

Our practice focuses on three specific life events:

retirement planning

Retirement Planning

Whether you are just starting to plan for retirement or already retired, we can help. We don’t just sell retirement products, we build comprehensive retirement plans.

Long Term Care Planning

Long Term Care Planning

We offer all types of Long Term Care Insurance policies from all of the major carriers. We also help people plan without insurance, including those that already need care.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Generating a sufficient stream of income in retirement may not be enough.  Effective tax planning is needed to help you keep more of what you generate.  Given our country’s fiscal path, it’s likely tax rates will be higher in the future than they are now.  Effective tax strategies can help your money last longer in retirement.

We bring a broad and unbiased approach to each client, leveraging our decades of experience along with input from industry experts with whom we have formed strategic alliances. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide an unparalleled level of knowledge, professionalism and service.

We offer fee based and flat fee advisory services, as well as life and long-term care insurance and fixed annuity products.

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Meet our management team

Geoff E George Photo

Geoff E George

President/Principal Advisor
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Geoff George serves as Lifetime Capital Planning Group’s President and Principal Advisor.  With nearly 20 years of experience in the financial industry, Geoff brings a wealth of knowledge on a broad range of topics.  Having taken on both managerial and consultative roles, Geoff has helped dozens of advisors launch successful careers and helped hundreds of families plan for retirement.  He created Lifetime Capital so that he could focus on what he enjoys most, working with individuals and families to develop and implement a successful plan for their future financial needs.

Geoff is a highly regarded industry expert, regularly sought out by local groups and national media.  He maintains a strong presence in his local community and  was a founding member of the Metro North Alzheimer’s Partnership designed to help both those afflicted by this horrible disease and their caregivers.  

As a financial educator, Geoff enjoys working with people of all ages and backgrounds.  Geoff is an active member of the Society for Financial Awareness, a non-profit organization committed to promoting adult financial education.  In conjunction with SOFA, Geoff provides educational workshops year-round through employers, trade groups and other local organizations.   

As a fee based investment advisor, Geoff serves as a fiduciary to his clients.  

Geoff divides his time between Minnesota and Texas, and meets with clients in both offices year round.  He enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and Hank the beagle. The three (or four) of them spend their free time hiking, biking and exploring Minnesota, Texas and beyond.

Anne Allar Photo

Anne Allar

Partner/Director of Marketing
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In 2002, Anne founded Allar Long Term Care, a planning firm focused on helping people prepare for risks they may face in retirement.  In 2017, Allar Long Term Care joined forces with Lifetime Capital.  

As Lifetime Capital’s Director of Marketing, Anne oversees much of the firm’s daily operations.  Anne is often the initial point of contact for prospective clients.  In addition to coordinating and scheduling the firm’s educational workshops and client events, Anne spends much of her day interacting with our current and future clients.

Anne’s passion for long term care planning stems from her personal experience.  Prior to beginning a career in the planning industry, Anne was a marketing executive in both the private and nonprofit sectors.  

Anne’s extensive experience, knowledge and personal touch are a central part of many of our clients’ experience.

Nicole Mattingly Photo

Nicole Mattingly

Office Manager
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Nicole is the Office Manager of Lifetime Capital Planning Group. She oversees the day to day operations of the company headquarters. She is responsible for managing client data, maintaining compliance logs, integrating technology platforms and keeping all aspects of the business running smoothly. Nicole is often the first person you will meet visiting out main office. 

Nicole's problem solving skills, versatility and focus to detail have been honed through her educational background and professional experience.  She has a degree in finance from University of North Texas. 

Nicole was born in Lexington, KY and has lived in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX for the last 15 years. When she's not working diligently at work, she spends her time doing Crossfit, reading, and going on adventures hiking, doing escape rooms, and golfing. 

Kelsey Pennington Photo

Kelsey Pennington

Director of Operations
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As Director of Operations, Kelsey oversees many of the firm’s daily activities.  She is responsible for managing client data, maintaining compliance logs, integrating technology platforms and keeping all aspects of the business running smoothly.  Kelsey also serves as a direct point of contact for clients and business affiliates; she is likely to be the first person to greet you when visiting our office.

Kelsey’s keen eye for detail, versatility and ability to simultaneously work on multiple projects have been honed through her educational background and professional experience.  She has a degree in culinary arts and spent nearly a decade in the hospitality industry.  

After receiving a degree in Organizational Administration in 2016, Kelsey retired her chef jacket.  Shifting her focus to the business world, Kelsey worked as an Administrative Assistant  for the Filson Historical Society in Louisville, KY, where she collaborated with the President/CEO and Chief of Business Operations to provide efficiency in the workplace and a quality experience for visitors. 

Having grown up in the Twin Cities, Kelsey and her husband moved back to the area to be closer to family.  In addition to cooking, Kelsey has a passion for the outdoors. She enjoys hiking, rock climbing, canoeing and entertaining her one-year old hound mix, Oliver.  

What is a Fiduciary?


A relationship in which one party places special trust, confidence, and reliance in and is influenced by another who has a fiduciary duty to act for the benefit of the party

As a fee-based Investment Advisor Representative, Geoff George is held to the fiduciary standard.  In other words, we are legally obligated to put your interest first at all times.  

All Financial Professionals are not held to the same standard.  

Many financial planners, advisors, brokers, agents and consultants are only required to adhere to the suitability standard.  In other words, there is no legal barrier to protect you from a broker or agent putting their own interests ahead of yours.  

When working with a fiduciary, you know your fiduciary is working for you.

Our Offices

1300 Godward Street, Suite 1900
Minneapolis, MN


Lifetime Capital Planning Group is centrally located in the heart of the Twin Cities at Broadway Place West, just north of downtown Minneapolis at the intersection of I-35W and Highways 36 and 280. Parking is available on site.

700 Parker Square, Suite 190

Flower Mound, TX


Our Flower Mound office is easily accessible from anywhere in the DFW Metroplex.  While offering direct access to several major highways and plentiful parking, we are located in Parker Square.  700 is the large two story office building towards the back past the retail shops.  

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Lifetime Capital Planning Group LLC: objective, independent, retirement planning advice.  

We don’t sell products. We build plans to help people  realize their retirement dreams. 

Who We Serve

Our education, training and professional experience enable us to serve the following individuals:

“If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else.”

-Yogi Berra

Our Philosophy

The single most important factor that separates those that are financially successful from those that are unsuccessful is their plan.  

Developing, implementing and executing an effective financial plan is critical at all life stages.  Given adequate time and continued earning power, it is possible to recover from most financial setbacks.  However, as retirement approaches and your time horizon shrinks, so does the margin for error.  This is why retirement planning is so critical to your financial future.  

The greatest fear for most baby boomers is running out of money in retirement.  

Percentage of workers age 50 and older who said the following were their greatest fears in retirement

Outliving savings and investments43%
Declining health that requires long-term care38%
Social Security will be reduced or won’t exist33%
Lack of access to adequate and affordable health care27%
Cognitive decline, dementia and Alzheimer’s25%
Finding meaningful ways to spend time and stay involved11%
Being laid off/not being able to retire on my own terms10%
Feeling isolated and alone9%

Source: Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies

While every situation we see and plan we create is different, all retirement plans share the following three components:

  1. An Income Plan.  Generating consistent and reliable income is the first step to ensuring retirement success.
  2. An Expense Plan.  Throughout the retirement life cycle, expenses change.  A successful retirement plan properly anticipates and addresses these changes
  3. A Plan For the Unexpected.  Unfortunately, the greatest risks in retirement are the most difficult to plan for.  If we had the answers to the following questions, retirement planning would be easy:

Know Your Retirement LIMITs

(1) How long will I live?  (2) Will I need long term care?  (3) How much income can I safely count on from my investments?  (4) Will my income keep up with inflation?  (5)  How much of my income will I be able to keep?

The unknowns associated with these five questions underscore the greatest risks to your finances in retirement.  These five factors represent your retirement LIMITs.

Longevity Longevity

The risk of living a long life.  The longer you live, the greater the risk of exhausting your assets.

Incapacitation Incapacitation

The unfortunate byproduct of longer life expectancies is greater need for long term care services. Nearly 70% of seniors will require some form of extended care.

Market risk Market risk

Every investment carries risk. How much risk are you taking?  How much should you take?

Inflation Inflation

Beware the dangers of money illusion.   Inflation has been historically low for the last few decades.  However, consumer prices have more than doubled over the last 30 years.

Taxation Taxation

It’s not how much income you generate, it’s how much you keep.  With a $20 trillion dollar deficit, even more in underfunded entitlements and an aging population, changes in tax policy could have devastating effects on future retirees.

Adequately addressing these risks is the single most important step in the planning process.   Using cutting edge financial software, we run every plan we create through thousands of scenarios to make sure you are prepared for retirement’s LIMITs.

If you have a retirement plan that ignores any of these factors, ask us about our Retirement Stress Test Evaluation to see how your portfolio will fare when faced with these factors.  

Our only bias in the retirement planning process is towards you.

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” 

-Alan Lakein

What We Do

Our Process

When meeting new clients, we typically ask about their previous experiences working with a financial planner.   Many of our clients have encountered one or more of the following obstacles:

  • Being presented with a enormous stack of papers full of industry jargon
  • Feeling like the plan they were presented with was a thinly veiled sales pitch for specific products
  • Seemingly arbitrary product recommendations
  • Receiving a plan that was expensive and/or difficult to implement.  

We created a process that addresses these issues.  Here is how we believe the planning process should work:



Before recommending any changes, we need to objectively assess and test your current plan.  Using our proprietary evaluation software, we can gauge whether or not you are on track to meet your retirement goals. 



We identify any weaknesses as well as any strengths of the current plan, realizing that we don’t need to change everything.  As the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”



We provide a comparison of your current plan, an alternative involving minimal change, a simple plan you can implement yourself and, if appropriate, a more comprehensive solution.  Each option will include a clear summary of recommendation and the plan’s statistical odds for success.  Presenting multiple solutions gives you the opportunity to take an active role in the process and choose the pieces that you prefer.


Our planning work is done on a flat-fee basis.  If you choose to implement any or all of our recommendations, we are happy to help.  However, you are under no obligation to do so.  You may choose to implement the plan on your own or work with your existing advisor.

You own the plan and control the process.

We guarantee your satisfaction.  You will not receive an invoice until you tell us that you are satisfied with your plan.

For more  information regarding our planning services:

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Investment Strategies

Lifetime Capital Planning Group LLC is a fee based Registered Investment Advisory Firm based in Flower Mound, TX. Using efficient market principles, we strive to build low-cost portfolios using ETFs, Mutual Funds and Individual stocks and bonds.  We implement simple and cost effective time tested strategies leveraging the collective wisdom of the industry and its greatest thinkers and managers.

All client funds are custodied with Pershing/BNY Melon.

Long Term Care Planning

For most people, the need for long term care represents the single greatest risk  they face in retirement.  Proper diversification of assets can help reduce your portfolio’s exposure to market risk, inflation and future changes in tax policy.  None of these strategies offer adequate protection if you or a loved one needs extended care.  

  • Nearly 70% of all Americans will require some form of Long Term Care.1
  • The average care need will last about three years.  This tends to be longer for women (3.7 years) versus men (2.2 years.)3
  • In the Twin Cities, a private room in a nursing homes averages over $89,000 per year.  Home Health Aide services average over $66,000.2

In addition to the financial consequences, long term care can also have devastating physical and emotional consequences for the spouses, partners, families and loved ones of those that need care.  Family members provide more long term care services than nursing homes, assisted living facilities and home health aides combined.  

Two thirds of older adults that receive long term care services at home receive ALL of their care from a family member.  

Traditional Long Term Care Insurance is available to offset these expenses and protect the policyholder's assets and their families from a future care need.  However, Long Term Care Insurance isn’t appropriate for everyone.  It needs to makes sense financially and you need to be in relatively good health to qualify for coverage.  

The Minnesota Long Term Care Insurance Partnership provides additional asset protection for those that have a partnership qualified policy.  

In recent years, hybrid, combo and critical care policies have increased in popularity.  These plans provide additional options for consumers and may address some of the concerns that people have about traditional Long Term Care Insurance policies.  These include the possibility of rising premiums, benefits that can be exhausted, the need to pay ongoing premiums and the “use it or lose it” proposition generally associated with traditional plans.

We believe that everyone should plan for long term care, whether or not they purchase some form of insurance policy. In addition to offering all types of policies from the major carriers, we provide fee based long term care advisory and planning services.

1 longtermcare.gov, how much will I need

2 Genworth Cost of Care Study 2017

3 https://www.caregiver.org/selected-long-term-care-statistics


Many of the retirement strategies utilized by your parents have grown outdated and may no longer have application to those looking to retire today. This class compares and contrasts the old retirement paradigms of yesteryear and the new paradigms of today as you prepare to retire in the 21st century. You’ll learn about the effects of Social Security taxation as well as the common distribution pitfalls in retirement. Perhaps most importantly, this class will teach you how to develop a personalized strategy as you confront the challenges of retiring in a rapidly changing world.

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Flower Mound Office

Our Flower Mound office is easily accessible from anywhere in the DFW Metroplex.  We are located in Parker Square. 700 is the large two story office building towards the back past the retail shops.  

Office Location:

700 Parker Square, Suite 190, Flower Mound, TX  75028

Phone: (972)410-2047


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