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What You Get

At Lifetime Capital, we do things a little differently. We charge our clients a flat fee so there are no surprises. What you see is what you get!

Financial Plan: $1,595.00

Services Include:

  • Social Security Maximization Strategy 

  • Portfolio Analysis Review

  • Tax Efficient Asset Positioning Plan

  • Lifetime Income Plan

  • Sequence of Withdraw Strategy 

  • Tax Allocation Optimization 

  • Complementary 6 Months of Assistance Plan

Ongoing Services

Flat fee based on the scope and complexity of your needs. 

  • Professional Portfolio Management 
  • Unlimited Access- No Hourly Fees or Limit to Meetings
  • Roth Conversion Help
  • Unlimited Plan Updates and Revisions 

Services Defined

Social Security Maximization Strategy– Two step analysis to maximize lifetime Social Security benefits and measure strategy impacts on other assets.

Portfolio Analysis Review - Review of overall allocation, relative risk, performance, industry, sector, style and geographic concentration. 

Tax Efficient Asset Positioning Plan - Long-term road map detailing year by year implementation details to maximize tax efficiency throughout retirement.

Lifetime Income Plan – Detailed yearly distributions by account designed to maximize lifetime retirement income and legacy.

Sequence of Withdraw Strategy – Yearly plan illustrating which accounts and account types to draw from and when.

Tax Allocation Optimization – Positioning asset classes based on tax status to maximize short and long-term tax efficiency. 

Custom Global Allocation – Unlike most larger firms, we don't take a "one size fits many" approach and do not recommend model portfolios or preset allocations. Using efficient market principals and Modern Portfolio Theory, we develop a cost sensitive allocation specific to your risk tolerance, time horizon,  goals and personal preferences, objectives and values.  

Have questions? Shoot us a message below or give us a call  at 612.567.5067.

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